Our History In Real Estate
Charlie has been a Real Estate Advisor and Licensed Broker for 15 years in the state of North Carolina. After Graduating fro Queens University in 2005, Charlie went to work for Grubb Properties, a Real Estate Developer based out of Charlotte, NC. His work for Grubb Properties lead him through out the piedmont, triad, and triangle regions of North Carolina. Following the market crash in 2008 Charlie left Grubb Properties and started Rankin Commercial Properties, a full service Commercial Real Estate & Property Management Firm in Raleigh North Carolina. During his time at Rankin Commercial Properties, Charlie worked on commercial real estate projects throughout the state of North Carolina.

After marrying Shauna Rankin in 2015, Charlie & Shauna established Rankin Realty Group, a Residential, Commercial, and Agricultural Real Estate Firm in Goldston, NC. The duo bring a combined 32 Years of Professional Marketing experience to the table for their real estate clients.

After years of managing multiple business ventures under numerous names, they decided to combine their businesses into Yanasa Ama Ventures named after their family ranch, Yanasa Ama Ranch.

Our Real Estate Company is almost completely driven by word of mouth. Our success depends entirely on our clients wanting to refer us.


Shauna is not a licensed agent, rather, her strengths come to light at the heart of our company, with our clients. Shauna brings with her over a decade of experience in client relations, operations, and marketing from the financial advisory industry. Both Charlie & Shauna Rankin are principals under the Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC North Carolina Real Estate Firm License making them both fiduciaries for the firms clientele. Shauna spearheads client needs, community involvement, business partnerships and other operational elements while Charlie tackles the nitty gritty’s of market reports, media studies, negotiating sales and contracts. Charlie & Shauna really shine when their collective creativeness is utilized with custom marketing strategies.

A Key advantage to our Real Estate Services is our marketing capabilities, viral reach, a la carte services, and videography services.


Our Key Advantage
Lets Face it, anyone with a Real Estate License that is a member of a Firm and the National Association of Relators can put a house on the MLS. Every MLS syndicates to thousands of websites including Zillow, Trulia, and popular property search engines across the web. All agents offer that!

However, Charlie and Shauna, recognize the need to stand out. They carry the understanding that selling a home may just be a transaction to some, but to many, it is a LIFE change. Their A La Carte approach provides something for everyone looking to place their home on the market. Charlie and Shauna offer all the same features in a property listing as every other broker, but they are always striving to go beyond conventional in the consideration of their clientele offerings. Particularly in their marketing packages.

Charlie and Shauna are well known throughout the community for their videography abilities. As one of the features of their real estate listing packages, Charlie and Shauna develop extensive listing videos to help properties stand out to those searching. They continually study the ever changing media rhythms to be sure that the content created for each home is given the very best exposure possible.

Look For Our Signs in Ag Land!

Past Work Examples

Newland North Carolina Estate Sale (ACTIVE LISTING)
Project: Beautiful Rustic Mountain home located in Newland North Carolina. Newland is an incredible area when it comes to location, however it is not well known.  While marketing this property explaining the location was a key concern to the marketability of the property. 

Seagrove Horse Farm For Sale (PAST LISTING)
Incredible home in a rural part of North Carolina amongst the rolling hills of the Carolina Terrain, this home could speak for itself but the video brought a perspective to the surrounding views a photograph could not capture. 

Chatham County Chicken Farm For Sale (PAST LISTING)
Chicken Farms may seem dull to many buyers, but farming is the heart and sole of Chatham County. Videography can replace the mundane with feeling.  

140 Acres Robbins North Carolina (PAST LISITNG)
How do you market vacant, cleared, timberland? Imagination.  What can you see yourself doing here?

Convenience Store Carbonton North Carolina (PAST LISTING)
Videography created desire for this local business on a prominent corner in an extremely rural community.

Lakewood Falls Neighborhood Lot Goldston North Carolina (PAST LISTING)
A 5 acre lot of land may not seem like a lot, but when it’s a part of a micro community it’s appeal could be endless. 

30 Acre Homestead Deep River North Carolina (PAST LISTING)
Dilapidated and in need of serious repairs this old family homestead had a moment of revival.