Film Production

Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC is a video and film production company. We help agricultural related businesses grow by offering a co-development platform to help share the costs of film production known as the YTV Discount Program. Additionally, and in contrast to the YTV program, the videography company Opaliris Studios may be hired independently for those who wish to produce video content without financial support. Opaliris Studios is a Yanasa Ama Ventures Company.

Shauna filming a fun angle.

As a Producer, Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC owns and manages the Yanasa Ama Ventures channel, branded Yanasa TY, on YouTube. The Channel follows the ranch life of Yanasa Ama Ranch as well as produces several series of agricultural related shows and content. Consider this our Network.

After a combined 32 years of Corporate Marketing Experience, Charlie and Shauna began their professional videography experience filming real estate videos for agricultural properties that required more advanced visual content to share with potential buyers. They also began filming adventure videos of extreme sports like windsurfing, kayaking, and 4 wheeling as their adventurous spirits led them.

Charlie flying a drone above the Toe River

In 2015 the couple began a YouTube channel following their journey building a family ranch in North Carolina. The channel continues to grow with over 67,500 subscribers and 1 million monthly views.

Charlie and Shauna decided to use their growth in social media to promote small businesses via the channel Yanasa Ama Ranch Channel on a playlist series called “Meet My Neighbor.” The filming of the new series inadvertently has lead the couple to creating marketing videos by request for larger businesses.

Shauna filming on Trinity Bison Ranch in North Carolina

You could describe our Videography as Oxford puts it when defining Serendipity: ‘the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.’ We are living a form of happy accident to be sure and we are so very blessed to have found something we both love so much.

Shauna conducting interviews at the Mountain State Fair

Philanthropy Films – Serving A Cause

Following Hurricane Florence the couple filmed and created content to help raise money for flood victims in their county. Their outreach proved to be a huge success raising over $18,000.00.


When I heard they didn’t have flood insurance, I knew we had to do something. “On a Whim” the Hurricane Florence Fundraiser video was filmed and produced in less than a 48 hour period in order to quickly and effectively reach an audience while the nation was keenly focused on the aftermath of Florence. The video received over 74,000 views and raised over $18,000.00. Being able to use our talents to actually make a difference in someone’s life is better than anything else we could imagine doing.

Charlie filming on G5 Ranch in Georgia

Co-Produced Films – Community Partnerships

Co-Produced Films are films that are developed as a cost share with a client. Yanasa Ama Ventures retains hosting rights on the Yanasa Ama Ranch channel to help cover the costs normally associated with production. Yanasa Ama Ventures also offers a YAR Discount Program to agricultural businesses to Co-Produce their promotional videos.

5K Arena Future Fortune Documentary 2019

Designed as an Mini Film, this Barrel Racing Documentary captures a lot of elements about the arena, race, riders, and futurity horse sponsor.


The 5K Race was a serious challenge. We had these magnificent animals moving at incredible speeds and riders pushing thier personal limits, in an atmosphere of low lighting and adverse filming conditions. We turned the technical issues of filming into the creative story line to produce a video that embraces the western heritage of the sport and arena. In a sense, we let the dust fly!

Shauna coaching an interviewer at the 5K NBHA Future Fortunes Race

Chatham County Ag Fest 2019

Designed as a Promotional Video this Event Video captures the feel and purpose of the annual Chatham County Ag Fest. 

We really wanted to capture the culture of the agricultural community and give viewers a sense of what it’s like to be a part of that community.


Eastern Brahman Breeders Association Extravaganza 2019

“Why Brahman” Designed as a short informational video promoting the Brahman Cattle Breed. Footage from the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association Extravaganza at the Mountain State Fair.

Cyana Briles, President of the Eastern Brahman Breeders Association

Meet My Neighbor – Promoting Rural Life

Charlie Filming Trinity Bison Ranch in North Carolina

Meet My Neighbor is an educational series designed to promote local rural businesses, events, and community while offering educational content to the general public. This series is FREE for participants and is completely paid for by sponsorships. The videos are not direct promotional videos, they are edited in a YouTube “Vlog” style and are branded with the Meet My Neighbor theme. Sponsors will also have a dominant placement in these videos. Participants are encouraged to take advantage of our Co-Producer Y.A.R. Discount Program for more professionally edited promotional videos.

For Sponsorship Information on Meet My Neighbor Click Here.

More About Opaliris Studios
Opaliris Studios, is a film company created by Charlie and Shauna Rankin of Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC.

Shauna Filming on G5 Ranch in Georgia

Specialty Video Capture Capabilities

Some videos require special equipment, here’s some insight to our current capabilities.

Low Light Shooting

Early Morning Horse Stall Video Still

In low light action conditions we use between 120 to 240 frames per second at 1080P HD. For less active low light conditions we shoot in 4K at 30 frames per second (fps) with a 1” sensor to capture as much light and detail as possible.

Action Shots

Barrel Racing at 5K Arena Video Still

For action shots, we can shoot anywhere from 120 to 1000 fps. 240 fps and up are considered “burst shots,” a four second capture played back in ultra slow motion. 120 fps at 1080P HD can be filmed continuously and is suitable for most action films.

We also have action cams which can film anywhere from 30 Frames Per Second HD to 60 Frames per second 1080P. These cams can be mounted on a person or object.

Aerial Videography

Cottonwood Pass Buena Vista Colorado Video Still

We use a DJI Phantom 3 Professional camera which can travel up to two miles from it’s controller if unobstructed. The camera shoots in 4K at 30 frames per second which is necessary for high altitude landscape shots, but is also capable of shooting at 60 frames per second in 1080P for fly by action shots.

Our control station able of following a target and flying pre programmed flight paths for smoother action. Aerial Videography requires a pilot and a visual spotter. Aerial Videography is not allowed above sporting events.

Wildlife Videography

Our standard cameras have zooming capabilities up to 20X to catch animals at a distance. For more challenging animals we also utilize a 1080P HD TrailCam with Night Vision.

We strongly believe wildlife habitats and the environment are essential to any successful agricultural operation. We love sharing stories of conservation and regenerative farming. The biodiversity of our rural communities is an essential element in protecting our ability to grow and produce food for future generations.

YAR Discount Program

Opaliris Studios, now Yanasa Ama Productions, is our studio spearheading independent video production. We offer Discounted Pricing for content that is applicable for the Yanasa Ama Ranch (YAR) YouTube Channel. Depending on the scope of work desired by the client and time editing, the discount is negotiable.


Content must be suitable for the Yanasa Ama Ranch Youtube Channel.

Topics include but are not limited to:
Agriculture & Rural Development
Equine Sport and Event
Animal Services
Adventure Travel
Creative Skills
Community Events
Country Lifestyle

Yanasa Ama Ventures, LLC must be able to retain full rights of use to the content and be allowed to create publicly viewed content. Video will be aired indefinitely, at our discretion.

The final video for web and social media sharing must be hosted on the Yanasa Ama Ranch Channel. Clients may still use YouTube html embed codes for their website and links for sharing on facebook and social media avenues.

The YAR Discount Program is more than a discount, it is also a great way to gain exposure for your business on a growing and established Social Media Personality.


The Yanasa Ama Ranch Channel is a YouTube Partner, which means the channel is paid per view. By hosting your final product for web and social media use, we collect additional residual revenue over time. 





Shauna filming “Raising Brahman” on Briles Farm in Trinity, NC