Charlie & Shauna Rankin, a powerful and unique business alliance.

In today’s economy, most individuals are trained through colleges and careers to perform a specific task. Companies are efficiently run by the solitary roles employees play. For most organizations it is more cost effective to focus on simplified employee roles and contract hire consultants for specialized initiatives.

Charlie and Shauna have years of experience managing, building, and operating businesses. Their unique experiences make them contributors in areas that are outside the expertise of most employees.

From business start up to reorganization Shauna and Charlie offer a wide array of talent and experience.

Shauna Rankin previously worked as the Chief Operating Officer for a boutique financial advisory firm in Pinehurst North Carolina. As COO Shauna ran the day to day operations of the company, hired and supervised the employees, as well as lead the marketing initiatives. Prior to working in the financial industry Shauna worked in Real Estate Property Management.

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Charlie Rankin has always been an entrepreneur. After graduating from Queens University of Charlotte he worked for a Corporate Real Estate Development company. While his initial role was a marketing assistant, he quickly moved throughout the organization from leasing and sales, to overall business development. As a liaison for the firm, Charlie served in numerous civic roles, including town boards, throughout the communities they did business.

…innovative yet practical, entrepreneurial but also comfortable in a corporate setting, talented yet unassuming and gracious. 

Bruce Butterfield, CEO and Founder at The Wittfield Group, LLC – Global Leader in Publishing

About a week before the Lehman Brother Crash, Charlie opened a Commercial Real Estate Advisory Firm in Raleigh North Carolina that focused primarily on distressed asset recovery and turn arounds in the industry. The company included a general brokerage team and grew to 20+ employees by 2010. As President and CEO, Charlie’s role primarily focused on legal and financial assistant for clients on a wide array of projects.

…he put an entire campaign together for my company’s marketing and had phenomenal results.

Mary Chaney, Branch Manager at Planet Home Lending, LLC

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Marketing is the backbone of every business model, without it a business is just a concept. The Yanasa Ama Ventures marketing services are all encompassing and can provide critical support on any level. 

Social Media – Social Media has become a hot spot for modern marketing. From Facebook to Instagram to twitter, marketing on social platforms is influential and impactful. Charlie and Shauna have built numerous social media campaigns over the years as well as manage highly successful social media accounts for their own business. 

Influencer Marketing – Influencers are Social Media Personalities or “Reality Stars” who build a dedicated following from like minded individuals. Influencers are very impactful on their followers and offer a unique culture for product and brand development. As influencers themselves, Charlie and Shauna understand this dynamic and what to look for when placing products and services with the right influencers. 

Graphic Design – Combining Charlie’s technical and graphic design abilities with Shauna’s creative strategies and taste for style, there isn’t a project this duo cannot handle. Charlie and Shauna use the latest software in all their creative development.

Website Design – Your website is the billboard of your company. It requires enough information to be competitively indexed, yet easy to navigate and simple to understand. Website design and indexing are always changing. An outdated website gives viewers a very poor impression of your business! Charlie and Shauna have experience with numerous website development platforms and coding. Whether it is a simple WordPress website or a more complicated platform, they can build it to suit you, and get you in front of the pack. 

Nomenclature – Nomenclature is likely one of the most important parts of marketing. It is the root of every product, service, and company. Creating a name or identity for a product, service, event, or company requires more than clever verbiage. When Charlie and Shauna work on nomenclature projects they test names against study groups to make sure the perception desired is being created with the name. 

Branding – Branding isn’t just that hot iron thing ranchers do to their livestock. Branding is creating a lasting impression with products, services, and consumers that constantly remind us of who’s behind them. When we think of a tissue we think “Kleenex,” when we think of a rotary cutter we think “Bush Hog.” Branding is a complicated in-depth marketing phenomenon that requires strategic direction and planning to execute effectively. 

Direct Marketing Campaigns – Direct Marketing campaigns make an attempt to get a consumer or company to make a decision on your product or service. The “Cold Call.” In-person sales calls, print advertisements, emails, mailers, social media influencers, placed advertisements, etc. Successful implementation of Direct Marketing campaigns are all about delivery and require a substantial amount of research into the end user, their purchasing decisions, and what appeals to them. 

Indirect Marketing Campaigns- Indirect Marketing is likely the most effective means to making sure your Direct Marketing is met with success. Indirect are non direct marketing efforts used for fielding new customers and establishing a brand image or remembrance. Warming up the “Cold Call.” Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Influencers, Product Placement, Sponsorships, News Coverage, Blog Posts, word of mouth, and online reviews are all examples of Indirect Marketing efforts.