Meet My Neighbor is a YouTube Video Series hosted on the Yanasa Ama Ventures YouTube Channel and Co-Produced with Meet My Neighbor Productions, Inc (MMNP). MMNP is a Nonprofit Organization devoted to furthering the success of small farms, educating the general public about agriculture, promoting regenerative and sustainable stewardship, and celebrating humane livestock treatment. For more information on MMNP visit

The Meet My Neighbor video series features unique “Agripreneurs” and is designed to accomplish 5 major goals:

1- Share with the public the lives, struggles, and efforts of small farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

2- Promote Sustainable, Regenerative, and Humane Agricultural Practices.

3- Provide a free marketing resource and exposure opportunity to the “Agripreneurs” we feature.

4- Help the general public understand the positive impacts that proper agricultural stewardship has on the economy, environment, and our climate. 

5- Give other Agripreneurs ideas on how they can earn a successful income off their own farm.

What is an Agripreneur? It’s a term used for Agricultural Entrepreneurs: a breed of entrepreneurs combining their love of Farming and Agriculture with an acquired professional Business Approach. These individuals are creative, hardworking, rural people who are earning an income from Agritourism, Agricultural Services, or Agricultural Production. 


This series is completely funded by viewer support. We do have a sponsorship program to help raise funds for new projects.

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The Secret Food Forest (ESTIMATE RELEASE FALL 2020)
In September 2020 we ventured into the Appalachian Mountains were we filmed Survivor Jane and the Survivalist Gardner in their Secret Survival Garden. This half acre food forest represents permaculture with a survivalist twist.

Agripreneurial Occupation: Writers / Authors
Feature Focus: Permaculture / Sustainability


Bison Escape – Trinity Bison Ranch and Buffalo Creek Vacations 2020
Raising Brahmans with Briles Farm Brahmans 2019
Equine PEMF Therapy with Black Cat Ranch 2017