Yanasá – Buffalo  •   Alabama-Coushatta, dialect Muskogean; Spoken by North American Indians of the southeastern United States. 

Ama – Waters, Ridge, Valley •  Cherokee, dialect Iroquoian;Spoken by North American Indians in the eastern United States. 

Ranch – Our favorite dressing.

We are an “Aspiring Bison Ranch.” What does that mean? It’s means we’re working on reaching our goals but have a long way to go.

A Little Background On The Ranch
In September, 2014 Charlie and Shauna Rankin began a journey to breathe new life into a once forgotten house and land. The house, in bold disarray, lay nestled between three tall oak trees overlooking an overgrown patchwork of rolling green. 

Originally “The Palmer House” Built Circa 1900 we’re guessing 1884

With the renovation of the house, came the question of time. Earliest tax records lead us to believe it was built circa 1900, yet various conversations and detail elude to earlier still. The deed for the land itself was measured ‘in chains’ with references such as “…beginning at a Locust tree in the Southern margin of the Carbonton road and running thence with the Southern margin of the said road…”. This place is literally dripping with history of the American story!

For more information and history visit www.YanasaRanch.com

Shauna Rankin in the living room of the original Palmer House prior to renovation.

Watch the Spirit Hill Series – Our Journey Building the Ranch