In 2015 the Charlie and Shauna began a YouTube channel “Yanasa Ama Ranch” now “Yanasa Ama Ventures” following their journey building a family ranch in Goldston, North Carolina.  Years later the channel continues to grow with diverse content mainly focused on the Agricultural and Rural Life Community. Having over 14,500 subscribers and 300,000 monthly views, the channel is growing into a powerful social media personality and influencer platform.


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View and Subscriber Growth via SocialBlade Statistics

The Yanasa Ama Ventures YouTube Channel is a social media personality creating content mainly geared towards self sustainability, agriculture, and rural family life.  The cannel started in 2015 and has shown consistent monthly  growth.  Hosting a wide array of project videos, the channel’s content remains prominent and timeless on search engines allotting each video a long steady view life. 

Based on previous growth history and algorithm interaction, the channel is expected to double in subscriber size over the next 12 months with a 300% increase in overall views.

24 Month Growth Estimates
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Yanasa Ama Ranch Channel Demographics

Gender Demographics for the Yanasa Ama Ventures Channel have traditionally favored Male Viewers. However, in recent months Female Viewership has increased substantially above the average.  Currently the channel is considering content geared towards a stronger female viewership and will be slowly introducing this content within the next year.  

Lifetime Gender Viewership Data Via YouTube Stats

A Growing Female Viewership Traditionally the Channel received a 14% Female Viewership, in recent months it has increased to 21%

Our channel’s viewers are primarily in the United States, however Canada, Europe, and Australia have a large growing viewer presence as well.  Global viewership growth is important to us as it keeps the views higher throughout longer durations of a 24 hour period. 

A Growing Global Presence



During 2018 Yanasa Ama Ventures became an Amazon Associate softly promoting products through Amazon Affiliate links on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and their Websites.  While most product sales have not been directly promoted, the sales data acquired through viewers and followers is substantial enough to develop an analysis of purchasing interests.

Analyzing the last 12 months, we generated 1,419 total sales, a worth of over $43,000. We broke these totals down by percentage dollars spent and total number of orders to better understand our viewers purchasing interests. 

While slightly more than 50% of our sales are tool and equipment related, there’s a strong interest being reflected from our viewers for other categories of goods and services. 
This is an opportunity based on what we see viewers purchasing to expand our video content.

As our channel begins to market products more directly these statistics will likely change, the represented numbers only show our viewers unsolicited buying habits. 

The break down of our Sales Categories are comprised of the following Amazon sales categories:


Business & Industrial Supplies
Home Improvement
Patio, Lawn & Garden
Power & Hand Tools
Tires & Wheels


Amazon Gift Cards
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Health & Household
Home Entertainment
Kitchen & Dinning
Major Appliances
Office & School Supplies
Pet Food & Supplies
Ring Video Doorbells and Cameras


Beauty & Grooming
Clothing & Accessories
Shoes, Handbags, Wallets, Sunglasses


Outdoor Recreation
Sports and Fitness


Blu-Ray & DVD
Books & Textbooks
Echo Devices
Electronic Components & Home Video
Fire Tablets
Kindle Books
Musical Instruments
Video Games
Video on Demand: Rent or Buy


Camera, Photo & Video
Cell Phones & Accessories
Computer, Tablets & Components


Baby & Nursery
Toys & Games


As a Social Media Influencer we voice opinions and discuss numerous controversial topics from time to time.  These topics build community loyalty and respect which are necessary for successful growth on Social Media Platforms. It is our intention to remain neutral.

Politics aren’t something we directly discuss on our channel, we are independent voters. Recent years of political extremes have driven us to a more moderate perspective and desire to listen to each candidate independently.  Occasionally we may take a jab at a particular party member but never the party as a whole. For example, we often agree and disagree with many politicians… but we rarely agree 100% with anyone.  For this reason our followers don’t always agree with us, but they do admire our honesty and moderate views on the subject. 

Our demographic is largely agricultural and rural community based.  Occasionally when policies are being discussed which effect the agricultural community we voice an opinion based on research we’ve been able to acquire. Sometimes these opinions voice both pros and cons as we try to stay party neutral, however we are never neutral when it comes to the welfare of the agricultural community, productivity of the agricultural community, or the environment that feeds us. 

Something we all notice, is widely studied, and is still largely theory based is our ever changing climate. There is no question (to us) that increased CO2 contributes to global warming but there are other factors driving warming and weather patterns that have a more severe impact on our demographics and may cause abrupt global climate change. We recognize material and sources to be ever changing and share the research as we understand it to be relative.
We are not 100% in agreement with the 2015 consensus published in 2017 in the US Census State of the Climate Report.  Between 2015 and 2019 scientific discoveries including Ice Core Samples, Cosmic Ray Studies, Cloud Impacts, and Solar Activity have drastically changed the way scientists view the weather on our planet. That said, we do believe Fossil Fuel consumption and population growth pose major problems and pollution concerns for our planet. CO2 in and of itself however is largely beneficial for the agricultural community.  The environmental factors that effect our demographics are weather related not CO2 related.  Our climate is a very complex system that is still not thoroughly understood.

It’s important to remember that nobody can accurately predict the future but where would we be without pondering it. 

We believe “Big Ag” is necessary for feeding such a large population, however we also believe that in order for our society to continue to thrive more people must become self sustainable.  We are nearing (if not past) peak production in fossil fuels and peak production in crop yields, yet our population is growing tremendously.  This poses a life threatening supply/demand issue and will likely be the largest challenge our children will face over the next 20 years, a bigger challenge than climate change or solar events.  Small sustainable farming practices will likely become a larger contributor to our food supply as food prices rise and farming becomes more profitable for smaller operators.  The good news is, higher profit margins will unlock millions of acres of unused farm land. 

We do not have a tolerance for animal cruelty nor any brand that does not exercise respect and care practices when involving animals in any form of production or use. Period. We do understand and accept the use of animals as a resource but have a great respect for the lives they live. 

Topics like chemtrails, Agenda 21, depopulation, new world order, and conspiracy theories in general are unpalatable to most of our viewers.  Although many commenters voice their opinions “loudly”  our overall understanding of our demographic is that they do not believe in government conspiracies or at least question the motives more level-headedly. We continually aspire to approach such topics from the same perspective… “maybe they are, but here are a few reasons why they likely aren’t.” We do not spend time on such theories and as such do not with to encourage our viewership to do so. 

We are a Christian Family that focuses on the teachings of Christ and the inspired word of the Bible.  That said, religion, even Christian Religions, often have their own agendas and extremes. We try to stay neutral and focus on the point of Christ, that we are all spiritual ideas of God and reflections of the Divine Mind. Men and Woman are equal creations reflecting beautiful qualities of our maker. We like to keep it that way.  We don’t talk about it much, but when we do it is focused on love and self improvement rather than condemnation.

WE ONLY DISCUSS CONTROVERSIAL SUBJECTS ON PARTICULAR VIDEOS IN PARTICULAR PLAYLISTS:It’s fun and exciting to discuss topics that invoke emotions and excitement with our viewers, but we keep it solely to videos that are designated for the topic.  All of our videos are topic sensitive, meaning they are developed particularly for their subject matter and do not necessarily fit into an overall theme on our channel.  We simply aren’t a one-themed channel.  We cover a wide array of topics, agricultural events, farming practices, travel, family, etc. The diversification of our channel is what keeps us palatable to our viewers.  Videos are grouped into playlists based on topics of interest (Consider us a network with multiple interests).